Digital Workspace Transformation Manager

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  • Job Title: Digital Workspace Transformation Manager
  •  Contract: One Year
  • Location: Amsterdam and Utrecht

Job Responsibilities and Key Tasks:

• Ensure that digital workspace initiatives align with the customer’s (UWV) overarching strategic goals and objectives.
• Develop comprehensive transformation project plans, setting milestones, and overseeing the successful execution of digital workspace transformation projects
• Desktop and App Virtualization in Cloud (AVD)
• Persona based workplace experience.
• Removing false positives in Workplace security
• Creating self service catalogues
• Strong project management skills are essential for overseeing digital workspace transformation projects from conception to execution.
• Manage the cultural and organizational shifts that come with digital workspace transformation, ensuring that customer employees adapt to new processes effectively.
• Identify and mitigate potential risks and obstacles that may impede the progress of digital workspace initiatives.
• Build strong relationships with stakeholders, including senior management, employees, and external partners, to garner support and collaboration.
• Efficiently allocate resources, including budgets, personnel, and technology assets, to maximize the impact of digital workspace transformation efforts.
• Continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of digital workspace projects to ensure they meet predefined objectives and make necessary adjustments when required


• Should possess strong knowledge on Digital Workspace and Azure
• Experience in leading projects/program in Azure digital workplace covering Virtualization using Azure, ability to identify and improve persona-based workplace experience, identifying and removing false positives in security and creation of self service catalogues
• A strong ability to influence business stakeholders.
• Capable of effective resource management (incl. prioritising, delegating, & mentoring)
• Native Dutch skills and good communication skills in English


• Strong communication skills (Dutch and English).
• Strong planning, organizational and risk management skills in digital workplace project/ program execution using Microsoft technologies
• Quality assurance methodology and Inspections

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Gray Ganga
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