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In the rapidly changing world of engineering with many challenges and opportunities, companies need to be agile and improve continuously. We need to strive for excellent customer service, innovation and in addition we have an obligation to make the world a better place for all.
With this in mind, X17 Group has worked with Transform Your World Consultancy (Jean-Pierre Polanen) to reformulate our company’s Vision, -Mission and -Values to reflect our own evolution and that of our business environment as well.

We are pleased to present you our evolved and improved organisational design on our newly designed website :
Our Vision: X17 group is the trusted and preferred local partner with unique access to global expertise.
Our Mission: X17 Group provides excellence in engineering solutions and -talent acquisition through innovation, care and inclusion.
Our Values: Inclusion, Excellent Service, Collaboration, Integrity and Professional Development.

Please visit our new website
to learn about the renewed, refocused X17 Group and about our current, highly attractive vacancies.

Your partner: Gray Ganga, X17 Group CEO

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